Get the following advantages by Team DentBusters™ Ltd.

Save money and time

You can save money by using TDB instead of using traditional expensive methods where body paint and dismount of interior is needed. By using TDB you will save lots of money and time because it only takes from 45 minutes to maximum 2 hours and the car will still be original like before the damage happened.

Mobil service

TDB is a mobile service that mostly serves car dealers in Denmark so they are getting the best service as possible.

No color change

By using the method of TDB the cars retain the original paint and therefore no risk of color change.

Repair the dent to car shop

95% of all minor dents are repairable if the paint isn’t damaged, but if this is the case we would gladly repair the dent so it is ready to the paint shop.

Examples on dents which can be repaired

Team DentBusters A/S can repair most dents that have not damaged the factory paint of your vehicle. We can repair dents on all steel and aluminum surfaces of your car.

  • Shopping dents (dents caused by other car doors)
  • Soft dents (closing the front hood, bag hood and doors)
  • Windfalls
  • Collision with shopping trolley and so on
  • Extrovert dents, where a trunk has been closed on a subject
  • Stone and hail damage
  • Dents caused by wrongly installed roof rack

There are some dents, however, that can’t be removed by our method and they are usually on the edge of a panel or over a double braced area. Any such limitations will be discussed completely before the job is started.
If you are having doubts whether your dent could be repaired or not, please don’t hesitate contacting us or if possible send a picture of the dent to us.



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