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Team DentBusters A/S is a national mobile service with a big reputation that serves 80% of the Danish marked and with a unique network which make it possible to help each other cross country. TDB is in a possession of a professional team which has been through a 5 month training that makes them able to repair 95% of all minor dents by the use of TDB unique system. The system contains 3 special developed techniques. The outcome of this is, that TDB is able to perform fast and effective repairs which takes maximum 45 minutes to a couple of hours because it is not necessary to dismount the interior and that is also why the car will be in the same condition as, when the car was built. This is only possible because of the special tools that Team Dentbusters A/S has developed with various bending and so further on. This makes the tools unique and therefore separates it from other manufactures tools.

TDB has spent many resources on marketing and that is also why TDB serves 80% of the marked. Another but a very conclusive reason is to why so many people is using the service of TDB is that they know what TDB contains such as: Keeping the agreements, responsibility, quality, professionalism, service, flexibility an so on, which makes TDB to a totally unique team and the leading on the market.


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